Ads and the Internet, ComScore edition


Happy belated Valentine’s Day – let’s celebrate with ComScore’s digital future in focus report, which you can download for free (with a corporate email address) here.

Big caveat: the report is US-centric.  But it sheds some light on big trends in the digital future.  Highlights below:

  • Mobile commerce is now 11% of online commerce and growing, via Quartz.  Interestingly, e-commerce overall is growing more slowly than in the past.
  • Three out of every ten online ads never reach the consumer, which advertisers might want to take into account, via TechCrunch.
  • Nearly 6 trillion display ads were delivered to US consumers in 2012. That comes to something like 17,000 ads per person.  No wonder display ads are so cheap.  Via Red Herring.  (Also suggests that the viability of a display ad-funded revenue model is not going to improve anytime soon)
  • Google has 5 of the 6 most popular mobile apps in America.  Top spot goes to Facebook, duh.  Via Venture Beat.  (More cool stuff buried in the slideshow at the bottom of their article)
  • 182 million American users watched 38.7 billion online videos in December 2012, coming to about 212 videos per person.  (That number seems unbelievably high, but might have something to do with how they defined a “video”.) An increasing number of these videos had ads attached to them, especially on YouTube.  Over at Business Insider.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell if these same broad trends are true for India.  A few thoughts on that, though: mobile commerce in India is a challenge for the same reason that online commerce is a challenge: online payments are broken, and no one seems to have a great fix.  (A few companies are experimenting with mobile wallets, no one’s really made a big splash with that yet.)  Display ads are rampant, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the rates (per connected consumer) were roughly the same as for the United States.  The popularity of apps is probably somewhat global, and Facebook has made huge inroads in India.  Online videos are happening in India, but connection speeds remain slow, esp on mobile.

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