Formulas for Blog Success


I was digging through some old documents and found a “Blog Tutorial” document I’d put together for one of the magazines I’d worked for.  In this doc, I suggested several formulas for blog success and gave examples of successful blogs.  The doc is still useful, although not comprehensive.  There’s even an exercise at the end.  Interestingly, I made this a couple of years ago and all the blogs I used as examples are still around!

Formula 1: Think Critically about News and Numbers

Formula 2: Make a List (Of Anything, Really)

Formula 3: Be an expert about something that has a small but fanatical following

Formula 4: Follow a popular subject closely and update many times a day

Formula 5: Educate people about a very specific topic

Formula 6: Be clever – coin terms that riff on trends (but be brief)

Formula 7: Break news

Blog Focus Exercise:

Who is my typical reader?  What does he/she do for a living?  Where does he/she live?

Why does he/she read my blog?  What do they get out of it?

What are some other blogs that they also read? (Make a list of four or five and follow them regularly)

  • You can critique these bloggers’ opinions and provide links to their content

What news would they care about? (Go through the newspaper and pick three stories that your target reader would be interested in, whether or not he/she read the news today)

  • You can publish this list straightaway on your blog, without much elaboration
  • Or you can critique one of these stories on your blog

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